Elided Cadence

Dear Singer and Teacher Friends,

An “elided” cadence is when a piece of music sounds like its on its final chord, but then morphs from that chord in another direction within the same piece.

I’ve reached an “elided cadence” in maintaining this blog and am moving on. It has served as a vehicle for me to share, transition and grow since winter of 2009 and I am oh so grateful for your readership and this medium!

In the meantime, if you have a blog on on anything having to do with singing, performing, melding acting and singing, touring as a musician, singing voice rehabilitation, authentic music-making, pedagogy or mid-life and beyond transitions, please consider inviting me to write a guest post for your blog.

My first guest post is coming up very soon for Justin Petersen, so consider checking him out! In this post I explore a tidbit from historical and modern vocal pedagogy that just may be the single most important thing about singing freely.



Book Titles and Search Engines…

Who knew it would take so long to come up with a title for our upcoming book on Singing and Menopause, to be published by StudioBos Media???

We started out months ago by brain-storming every idea we could think of to see what would stick. We ran titles by some of our interviewees, colleagues and friends and our editor. We had to have certain words in the title for the Search Engine. We didn’t want it to be too academic-y or cartoonish.

“Aunt Flo’s Not in the House Anymore” was the first of the spaghetti thrown against the wall. It didn’t stick. (Evidently people in the midwest “get” that but as an East Coaster I was ‘Huh?’)

Let me know if you don’t get it too….

Today we finally decided on

Singing Through Change: Women’s Voices in Midlife, Menopause, and Beyond

A quote from co-author Joanne Hayes Bozeman:

Through researching and writing this book, I have come to appreciate that the menopausal transition is far more than a set of symptoms attached to a shift in hormones. It’s a unique, sometimes untidy socio-physiological-psychological metamorphosis for women. For singers, the voice is often a crucial part of that metamorphosis.

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