Small Art for Small Spaces

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”
Vincent Van Gogh

Each piece of my “Tiny Art” Series is a 4″ x 4″ birch ready-to-hang panel, collaged with hand-painted  papers. A protective medium is applied over top of each panel.

When I say “hand-painted,” I mean that I used acrylic paints applied to paper with random brush and brayer-strokes and marks with objects like plastic forks, metal springs and paper doilies on drawing paper.

I basically played patty-cake in a sand-box with myself….IT IS AWESOME.

Then I cut up the papers and created mini-abstracts on the panels, and watched various stories unfold:

This single panel is called “You’re So Cool, You’re Hot!”


This next set of four is called “Immaculate Conception” and represents the new life and creativity born from such spiritual unions. Here, I’ve strung the four panels together as one long story. But they come as individual panels:

Immaculate Conception IImmaculate Conception 2Immaculate Conception 3Immaculate Conception Panel 4

Another set of 4 called “Blue Lemon Quartet.”  The color choices of blues and browns with organic shapes felt really calming to me:

Here’s a trio called “Paleolith Women’s Dance Round.” The design is based on images I found in an old book depicting various cave designs from the Stone Age. The panels are finished in 18K gold leaf:


To view or purchase, please visit HERE. You can also contact me with a commission, to create a series of your choosing in number of panels, colors and feel.

Where could you use some tiny art?  Here’s where we enjoy one in my home, called “A Rose is a Rose.” It’s on view from the porcelain goddess….

17917298_10212401238364681_8024420063126075041_o (1)

NOTE: I discovered and developed this series of “tiny art” during an extended illness where I was flat on the couch or seated with my head lying on a table for almost an entire 10 months. I’ve always lived by the practice of the arts as healing, but this was discovering a depth of that belief that was a personal miracle for me.

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