Magic RX for Grown-Ups: “Meditations to Feed Christmas”

IMG-1573 (1)

This week I’m gratefully sharing news of the release of  my first book, “Meditations to Feed Christmas,” available on Amazon and Balboa Press. It is a spiritual journey that connects many global, feminist and traditional religious personal truths.   It’s definitely not your usual meditation book! The soft cover version also has journal pages for writing your own reflections and visualizations.

I’m launching it now because it is something that can be used all year long, year after year. The idea is to start now, intending to have a truly magic holiday season without getting run down, over worked and trying to fill other’s and your own expectations.


“Cate Frazier-Neely has written a spiritual and feminist feast–rich with story, image, humor and personal narrative. Celebrating both the pain and joy of her fifty plus years, Cate reveals the Goddess Spirit in her would, while also appreciating the deep well of the Christian tradition and showing respect for others’ traditions. I can recommend this to many of the women (and men!) in my life as a refreshing companion for the Advent/Christmas season.”

The Rev. Dr. Susan Andrews


I’ve always wanted to write & publish creative writing and memoir, BECAUSE I LIVE FOR BOOKS. I LOVE READING. I LOVE WRITING. I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!

But it took many years of writing and learning to write from a place of honesty and vulnerability before I realize you don’t write books.

They actually write you.

And I was extremely resistant to writing a book of meditations because I thought, BOR–ING.

But eventually I started listening to a buried inner voice, and this book happened.

“By the time I had celebrated 53 Christmases, I was ready to reinvent the holiday. The engine that drove the minutia of parenting, working, caring for house, marriage and extended family, and contributing to the community had broken down and come to a steamless halt…” 

In that 53rd year I was bone tired and simply could not move through another holiday season. So I cleared my holiday to-do lists and let go of many expectations, including how I thought I needed to parent. I set out to write one personal meditation a day, based on quotes from people and traditions from around the world. I did this every day from the first Sunday of December through January 6, which is the 12th day of Christmas. The result was that real joy and magic ignited within me that season.


…was created by my favorite contemporary Irish artist, Cathriona Cleary. I found her on the web and, er,  started stalking her, then I ordered from her and then we started emailing. She graciously gave me permission to add her digital art piece to my cover.



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