Three Cool Resources for Singing Teachers and Creatives

1. Adam Neely is a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, educator and composer living in New York City. His music education channel has deservedly created Influencer Status for him due to his weekly video essays on music, performing, theory, philosophy, mathematics and science.  He does all the video, editing,  writing and delivery and creates his main income from Youtube, his Patreon campaign and endorsements and invitations to teach across the US, Canada and Europe. He is an Independent musician/educator teaching to the masses at a very sophisticated level–and as he says, he creates content that he, himself is interested in.

Neely’s most recent video is one of my favorite video lessons so far. As part of the lesson topic, he mentions how important it is to understand that any academic training you receive is meant to serve as a general grounding. (Even the advanced degrees.) You are to take what you learned in school and work to creatively apply it to what you experience, love to do, and can do well. The information becomes filtered through you into something truly original and useful. And that’s what genius is.

(Yes, he is my son.)


2. Angela Winter runs Awakened Creator.  Her work is a little like hearing from a friend that truffles are really delicious but you don’t really know just HOW delicious unless you actually experience eating some in well-made cuisine! Angela is an intuitive website designer, certified life and creativity coach, and a holistic voice worker with several degrees and certifications in vocal pedagogy,  performance and body work. Her “about” page backs up all her skills.

Winter’s multi-faceted services are designed to help you bring your own Self into sharp relief–to find and see that your spirit, body and mind can function as one and that you are truly beautiful in uniqueness. That YOU are what the world needs, not in being a copy of someone else.

(Angela studied singing with me privately for about three years after her graduate work in voice. While working technically and musically, she and I also gave each other permission to step as widely off the beaten path as our souls were calling us to do.)



3. Brian Lee’s book Sane Singing is, well, sane.  I have personally watched this fine musician, educator and singer struggle over the years, working with some well-beloved teachers but never really feeling like he could understand his voice and sing. This book is part autobiography (he has enough music and non-music degrees to cause your jaw to drop and scrape along the floor,) and part reliable guide for singers, teachers and even parents, trying to sort out the this from the that.

If you are looking for voice training options, you’ll discover that there are multitudes of people, products, and ideas out there claiming to be THE THING that can help you. How do you sort it out? How can you advocate for yourself in an increasingly crowded and confusing marketplace? How can you determine whether the training you are getting is upping your game?

Sane Singing will help you to:

    • evaluate voice training options
    • select a qualified teacher
    • build a team to support you
    • measure your own vocal progress
    • ask better questions
    • identify priorities in your vocal development
    • take care of your vocal, mental, and physical health

Most good teachers and music educators can not possibly be right for everyone. This guide can help you find who’s right for YOU.


That’s this week’s Thursday 3!
Thank you to Dr. Shannon Coates, creator of The Vocal Instrument 101, for letting me riff off her blog series. She writes “Friday Fav Five.”
Read some of my other blog posts, such as my Vocal Master Class Series and Views from the Voice Teacher Series HERE.
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