Letting You All Know of New Blog

Hi Everyone,

This blog will disappear at the end of this month.

My new blog is being transferred to Wix and a brand new website, and will offer

…continued posts as a veteran voice coach, singing voice rehab person and jack-of-all-trades musician.

…abstract art offerings, refashioned jewelry and a peak into how they come from my Right brain to fruition, to serve as portals to your imagination in your home or office, or draped around your fabulous self.

…new courses and my books in discovering the relationship between Creativity, Spirituality and Sexual Alchemy.

..and a new section called “Arts’ Booty: Thrift Shop Hauls in Music, Art and Love.”

please drop me a line at Catefn@gmail.com. And give me permission to add your email to my mailing list.

Hope to see you soon!




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