Broadway Christmas Songs

Updated and Reposted, November 2019

The following list includes both easy tunes that can be learned quickly and  songs that need time to put together. Some items have karaoke accompaniments available and some would do better with a live accompanist playing an original arrangement.

This list came about because a few years ago I had a number of young professional dancer/singers in my private voice studio and they needed suggestions for their holiday ‘dance and sing’ programs. Normally I’d say “go do your research,” but then I realized I wanted to know, too!

New Deal for Christmas from Annie (Strouse, Charnin) Music starts about 43 seconds in.

 Be a Santa Subways Are for Sleeping  (Styne, Comden, Green)

Pine Cones and Holly Berries from Here’s Love (Wilson) Paired with It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Also from this musical, That Man Over There

Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises, Promises (Bacharach, David)

Christmas Gifts from A Wonderful Life (Raposo, Harnick)

Hard Candy Christmas from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Hall)

I Don’t Remember Christmas from Starting Here, Starting Now (Shire, Maltby, Jr.)

We Need a Little Christmas from Mame (Herman) –

Lovers on Christmas Eve from I Love My Wife (Coleman, Stewart)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas from Meet Me in St. Louis (Martin, Blane)

At Christmas Time and Toys Medley from Song of Norway (Wright, Forrest) This one will need some arranging, but keep it in mind, especially if you are looking for an early legit musical with hymn-like part writing.

Surabaya Santa and Christmas Lullaby from Songs for a New World (Bro

The recording Broadway Christmas, produced by Brice Kimmel, was used as a basis for this list.

See other suggestions from the comments below and please add yours!


  1. Babes in Toyland actually was a Broadway show – quite different from the Disney Annette Funicello version. Toyland is a lovely suggestion –


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