Connecting Functional Voice Training, Somatic Education for Vital Singing…

Welcome to my vocal master class series on the Connecting Functional Voice Training and Somatic Education for Vital Singing.

In a recent issue of the National Association of Teachers of Singing Journal, vocal pedagogue Scott McCoy said that working on body awareness and alignment by various methods of Somatic Education doesn’t necessarily translate to vital and free singing.

Somatic Education includes Yoga, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Rolfing, Pilates (which started out as a method for dancers,) Fitzmaurice VoiceWork and many other mind-body methodologies.

I think that the missing links between Somatic education methods and vital singing could be attributed to one or both of the following–

1)  The singer hasn’t yet built  a functional vocal technique to be able to sing what they want to sing.


2) The somatic practitioner is not, or never was, an active and vital singer themselves. Conscious relaxation and engaged balance are necessary but counter intuitive to the internal motor sensations and healthy emotional engagement of being a vital singer.

So check out my Vocal Master Class series where I describe the work singers and I do to combine functional voice work with somatic reeducation.

The point is always vital singing and heart-felt connection.










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  1. Right on Cate! I often tell my singers that the act of singing requires us to be relaxed AND energized. If everything is relaxed singing is not going to be very good. Likewise if there is no relaxation. While some muscles are contracting/working others are releasing/relaxing. This is what makes singing so challenging. It’s a balance. I find it helpful to identify if a singer naturally tends towards one or the other and then focus on the weaker link. Very interesting topic! I look forward to reading more!

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